Update & Prayer Request


Dear friend, 

So sorry I haven’t been in touch recently as I usually send out Good News Daily almost daily. Thought I would give you an update.

I have been on the road for Jesus & my ministry with handicapped ministry doggies for just under 3 years by the grace of God for the glory of Christ! It has been beautiful, challenging, wild, incredible, overwhelming, transforming, joyful, indescribably tough at times, and on and on. The Lord has been doing a mighty work in and through me for which I give Him all the praise, honor, and glory.

That said, with no salary, no staff, and extremely few volunteers and limited at that, and with an ever-growing ministry through which I do streets ministry and write and publish Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books and do Video Devotionals, I have been pretty exhausted at times! I am so incredibly sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ and to telling the world about Him that my life has been and continues to be on the very intense side to say the lest!

I have had a few health issues recently whereby it has come to my attention as loving friends have reminded me along the way that in order to continue to do the Lord’s work, I need to be taking good care of myself along the way!

I have been in New York City for some months now and am seeking the Lord about a possible change of scenery in the very near future whereby I would go to a place where I can get plenty of rest, sunshine, fresh air, and time with the Lord as He restores and refreshes me so I am in tip-top shape to press on. It is my hope wherever the Lord has me that He will lead me to continue with my writing and videos and ministering to people along the way but perhaps at a reduced rate as I take a deep breath and get recharged.

One of the big challenges along the way which I have mentioned at times is despite reaching out a number of times, I have received very little financial support for my ministry over the years. People have been wonderful with love, encouragement, and prayers, but when I have sought help as to finding new monthly sponsors and donors, there has been extremely little response. This has added to what is an already tough job in the way of being available 24-7 to the Lord and ministry including caring for my beloved handicapped doggies.

I don’t know my future, but the Lord does. I only know I love Him with all my heart, that I love others as myself, and that I remain more devoted than ever to living to love and worship the Lord forever and to help others to find and forever follow Him!

I would be thankful beyond measure for your prayers and for any support physically and/or financially you are led to give.

Stay tuned for more as the Lord reveals to me His will for me going forth.

love & blessings,


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