Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Dear friend,

 Praise the Lord it’s been 5 years now on the road for Jesus & ministry full-time with my ministry dogs, hallelujah!

 Having an amazing time so far in my latest location of New Jersey / New York City. So blessed to be doing streets ministry, hotel ministry, writing & publishing, and Video Devotionals along with some long-distance ministry by phone. So humbled, so thankful. Truly in awe of God’s work in and through me.

 I would be extremely thankful for prayer as often and as much as you’re led to pray! Top priority in prayer please is God’s will and SAFETY & PROTECTION of me and my beloved ministry dogs.

 This world is in dire straits, and doing streets / hotel / beach ministry comes with challenges like never before. It can be uncomfortable and scary at times, but I put my trust in the Lord and want to be faithful in fulfilling His life’s calling for me.

 Please keep me prayed up!

 Love & blessings,



p.s. So hope you take the time if the Lord so leads you to read my Good News Daily Devotional and to watch the Video Devotionals I have started doing again many of which I do on the streets of New York City!

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