Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Dear friend,

So sorry I haven’t been sending out my Good News Daily as much as I would love to do. But I do my best to seek and follow the Lord and to wait on Him to place messages on my heart and to lead me as to when to send them. And He always knows best!

In the meantime, this has been a trying season for me. I am well aware my challenges are nothing compared with those of so many around the world, and I am so thankful for the Lord’s blessings most of all for an ever-growing, ever-stronger, ever-richer, ever-deeper forever relationship with Him! Even still, I could very much use prayer!

I have been dealing with the devastating unexpected loss of my beloved paralyzed ministry dog Mr. Simeon, my sweet nearly 16 year old ministry dog Abigail seeming to near the end of her life, early healing from a decades-long battle with anorexia from which the Lord has mercifully and graciously recently delivered and set me free, an on-and-off-again digestive issue making it challenging to gain the weight I must gain, a very big bout of anxiety I have not faced in a very long time, the on-and-off-again resurgence of the long-term consequences of sexual abuse, several loved ones who are headed for hell unless they repent and turn to Christ as Lord having health issues, being worn out from being on the road for nearly 4 years for the Lord & ministry, being tired at times from the extreme intensity of my work especially considering the numbers of people who pour out to me their stories of brokenness, dealing with the ongoing poor treatment of people given the world in which we live and how many are rejecting Christ and those who love Him, entering into winter and the shorter days and darker sky, and watching the world fall apart as the Bible makes clear it will do as I desire more than ever to fulfill my life’s calling to help people find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Despite my exceeding love of the Lord and people, He has given me a life of singleness and much solitude which is very tough on my flesh especially given I’m on the road, far away from family, and getting older. The Lord always knows what He is doing, His plans and purpose are always perfect, and I have come to see this life of much solititude allows me to spend much time in His presence, to spend much time writing and publishing, to spend much time ministering to people in person, on the phone, and by email, to notice people in need because I am not busy, busy, busy with a social and entertainment life, and to be totally available to the Lord & those in need 24-7.

Friend, despite all this, I am overwhelmed by the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, filled beyond measure with peace, hope, and joy in Christ, excited more than I’ve ever been to press on in my ministry work for Jesus, more exhilarated than ever at the prospect of talking to people about Jesus, more desirous than ever to humble myself before God and to love and serve Him with all my heart and to love and serve others in His name, more wanting than ever to please, honor, and glorify the Lord, and more humbled than I have ever been at the privilege of being called by God to love, worship, and glorify Him now and forever and to help others to be totally devoted to Him as He has brought and taught me to be!

The devil has been attacking me seemingly relentlessly day by day not to mention for years trying to get me to quit loving the Lord, to damage my relationship with God, to turn me away from Him, and to quit writing and ministering to people and to shut down my ministry and call it quits on life. I will not go into details, but suffice it to say the battles have been fiery and gut wrenchingly hard and awful and exhausting.

Rest assured, I am 100% certain from the Bible and from personal experience that THE VICTORY is IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and in loving and obeying God. He will bring me through it all. I also know I do not fight alone. As a follower of Jesus, I am part of the worldwide family of God’s followers. And just as I pray for others, I know people pray for me.

On that note, I ask you with all my heart if you would please pray for me, Good News Ministry, my beloved special needs ministry dogs, and for all those the Lord is reaching around the world through my heart and ministry. As thankful as I am for one-time prayer, such as when you read this, I would be especially thankful for anyone who might be led to pray on a daily basis going forth as the Lord might lead you.

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