Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Thank you for continuing to pour forth your love & encouragement & prayers for me and this ever-growing ministry with which the Lord has entrusted me.

No sooner than I had begun to get some greatly needed rest than the Lord started to pour even more writing through me than He already was! I am literally having trouble keeping up with it! Now that’s a praise, mind you!

I have two co-laborers trying to keep up with preparing the Gospel tracts & Faithful Magazine for distribution to the prisons, homeless shelters, onto the streets, to churches, ministries, whomever and wherever the Lord desires around the country, and a wonderful mentor at a church along with the print shop he manages helping from the printing standpoint. Still, the reality is we are not keeping up.

I am still very much in need of more hands on help as well as significantly more financial support for the publishing as well as for the ministry overall. Hands on help would include people in the Loudoun County VA / MD / DC area to assemble the booklets & ship them.

Help could also include people with good telephone skills and loving godly hearts to work online and via telephone to help reach out to possible new institutions and individuals and ministries and churches etc. that might be opportunities for further distribution as the Lord leads.

I also could use help with discerning what the Lord wants to do with all the writing – i.e. whether it’s time to compile another devotional book, whether I need to increase the number of Faithful Magazine issues that go out which includes the online writing, etc.

I also have for some time now needed help with getting the books out into the hearts and hands of whomever the Lord desires. All – absolutely all of this – is for the purpose of glorifying the Lord and helping people to believe in and forever follow Him!

My streets ministry work in NYC is also moving forward. I almost never have a plan. I simply walk out onto the streets to walk dogs, take a walk, run errands, get to somewhere I’m going, etc. and meet people along the way I am privileged to minister to, pray for, talk about the Lord with, share the Gospel with, love, encourage, hug, etc.

Some of these opportunities are very intense and quite emotional given the depths of brokenness and loneliness and trials and tribulations so many are going through. This is coupled with the large number of people I meet regularly who have their backs turned on the Lord and show no signs at least as of yet of repenting and turning to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord with their hearts and lives truly devoted to Him.

While I am trying to keep up with the writing and streets ministry work and get rest mixed in to it all, I also do quite a bit of telephone ministry work with friends, strangers, family, loved ones, etc. At this time, I know a number of people diagnosed with serious medical conditions, and for me these are more opportunities to love people in Christ’s name, to pray for and encourage them, and to point them to the Lord and His Word.

I am along with all this continuing to care for the five handicapped & senior rescued dogs in my care. They are a good bit of work, but I thank the Lord for each and every one of them. They are my sweet canine companions who are undoubtedly my ministry dogs as the Lord continues to use them to introduce me to people to talk to about Him and to give Gospel tracts and devotionals to.

Am I tired? Yes! Is it challenging sometimes, particularly being in a place like New York City? Especially given the emotions involved and intensity of it all.

Please pray for me, for the ministry, for all the people with whom I come in contact, and with my beloved ministry dogs.

Prayers for an ever closer relationship with the Lord, for my continuing to grow in His image, for provision, protection, and safety, for lots more financial support for the ministry, for lots more physical hands on help for the ministry, for my health & the health of the doggies, for whatever the Lord places on your heart, would be very much appreciated!

In the Lord Jesus Christ’s glorious everlasting love,


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