Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Hi friends,

Please forgive me for not sending my usual Daily Inspiration for some time. Due to multiple issues including my dropping and breaking my laptop I use to write and publish Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books, I have been unable to keep up with my usual Daily Inspiration. And I have very much missed writing it and sending it out! I hope God willing to back to it on a regular basis next week if not earlier.

I have continued to face a number of hurdles in my ministry work which have provided an opportunity for me to go through more of the Lord’s testing and refining and to get more experience learning how to be victorious through Christ when the devil tries to stop me from going forward in loving and serving the Lord.

Being in the Florida Panhandle for this season of being out on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry has been both a blessing and challenge. I love the time I have to write and publish, but confess I am restless being in a mostly wealthy commercial tourist area in the off-season with very little in the way of the streets ministry work I so very much love. I am trusting the Lord in His wisdom in sending me here and doing my best to please Him in my time here before He sends me on to my next location.

Given I have been on the road now for almost two years with no real solid enjoyable relaxing break, I am most assuredly tired to say the least and can understand why the Lord would want to give me a “slower” season before leading me on. I also know the busy tourist season will start in the spring where I am, and only the Lord knows whether He will keep me here for it or send me on. I am also one hour away from an area very hard hit by Hurricane Michael and am thankful the Lord has chosen a church for me there where I believe there may be some ministry opportunity during my time in this region if in fact it is His will.

I confess that as hard and challenging and expensive as New York City was, I miss it beyond description in terms of the endless opportunities I had to talk to people about the Lord Jesus Christ – people of all backgrounds, all sorts of stories, all sorts of needs, so many nationalities and languages and races, so many troubles and such a wide array of circumstances, etc. But the Lord has made clear at least for the time that New York City is not a place He is sending me back to. And that He in fact has numerous other places to send me.

I place my trust in the Lord. I trust Him to lead me and to provide for me, and to use me to bring glory to His name as I press on in loving and worshiping Him forever and helping people to believe in and forever follow Him through my streets ministry and writing and publishing work.

As I sit here typing this, my sweet 5 special needs doggies are fast asleep enjoying a cool winter day. I thank God for their love and company, and for how often through the years the Lord has used them to introduce me to people to talk to about Him.

Please pray however you are led. Greatest needs concern my personal relationship with Jesus, health, safety, protection, provision, for me and the doggies, with enormous need ongoing for more people to step forward to help the ministry physically and financially, and always, always, always, prayer for the people worldwide the Lord is reaching through my little heart and ministry!

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