Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Praise the Lord! Plenty of reasons to praise the Lord always – and most assuredly right now as far as this little heart and ministry of His are concerned. . . ! ALL GLORY GOES TO THE LORD…

I am still in the Florida Panhandle. As much as I had hoped the Lord sent me here to minister in an area hit hard by Hurricane Michael about an hour from my hotel, He has made it clear He wanted me to make connections there to start sending my Gospel tracts and devotionals to be distributed there even after I leave Florida and that He wants me doing hotel and streets ministry instead right where I am actually staying along with my writing and publishing work. With plenty of time to walk on the beach praying, praising, worshiping, and seeking Him.

As some have reminded me, we ALL need the Lord Jesus Christ – whether we’ve been devastated by a powerful storm or whether we’re sunbathing on a beautiful beach like where I’m currently staying or passing through the area as a laborer drinking ourselves to death in a hotel room. No matter our stories and circumstances, we all need Jesus. And my job as His servant is to go where He sends me to help people find and forever faithfully follow Him.

My big writing news is that in addition to writing my Daily Inspiration along with three devotional magazines for the general public, prisoners, and the homeless and transient population, I have just begun my newest book project called 365 Blessings which you can learn about by CLICKING HERE. This big project has been a long time coming as I resisted the Lord for a long time in beginning it, so I’m thrilled to have finally begun. You can read more about my resistance and surrender and the message that goes along with it in my Daily Inspiration piece by CLICKING HERE.

As though these are not enough reasons to praise the Lord, here comes more. I am very excited to have recently learned of my next two big locations for being on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry. I am praying, praying, praying and waiting on the Lord for His time frame as I begin the preparation process. Should I leave you in suspense? Not if I want prayer, which I most assuredly do!

First new big location will be Huntington, West VA, in the Appalachian area. I will likely be there in the spring but am waiting for God to give me the exact dates.

Next big stop? The Capitol Hill area of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. I suspect this may be in late spring / summer and into the fall, but I honestly am simply waiting on the Spirit of God to unfold His wonderful will.

If you were to ask me how I can be on the road full-time for almost two years caring for 5 special needs dogs and writing and publishing online and in print with three devotional magazines and a brand new book project while preparing to go to Huntington with its extreme poverty and drug epidemic followed by the capitol of the USA, especially given my background of exceeding brokenness with no hope not to mention my background of growing up in a Jewish family that didn’t believe in God, there is only one answer.

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! Lord of Lords. King of Kings. Forever God. Almighty Creator. My Father. My beloved. My forever Jesus. The one for whom I live and breathe. God who has given me the life’s calling to do streets ministry and write and publish Gospel tracts, devotionals and books to help people believe in and follow Christ forever. AMEN!



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