Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Update & Prayer Request from Lara

In a nutshell, the first six weeks of being on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry were AMAZING. All by God’s grace alone! I probably had more opportunities in streets ministry as an evangelist & writer talking to people and distributing the Gospel tracts & devotionals I write than in all the years combined I have been in ministry. Not to mention in the south where my ministry work was usually focused on Americans often wealthy or middle class due to the region in which I lived or on the homeless and those in extreme need in the inner city where I often visited weekly or to prisoners via mail, in Virginia where I am in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, I have been blessed to be able to talk to people of a wide variety of backgrounds, from many cultures and beliefs, from different nations, from a wide variety of income levels, etc.

That said, due to all this coupled with the repercussions of a betrayal I experienced recently whose consequences resulted in a major challenge, stress, and responsibility being placed on my shoulders and due to a minor health issue which believe it or not made it difficult to talk for a short period, I am pretty wiped out! But the Lord in His ever faithful provision has blessed me with a strong little group of Christ followers to pray for me and the ability to slow down and get some rest – always a challenge for me to do, mind you.

The dogs traveling with me are all great and continue to enjoy their lives on the road with plenty of love & attention from me and others.

My life today could not be any further from what I have ever dreamed of for myself, and this has truly been the biggest change in my life ever. Leaving everything behind for the Lord may seem to some impossible, and foolish, but I can honestly say it is absolutely nothing compared with the JOY of living solely and utterly for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please pray as the Lord leads you…..!


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