Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Dear friend,

By God’s grace alone, I spent about 11 hours in the car driving through the mountains and then pretty heavy truck and city traffic journeying from my three weeks of ministry work in the Appalachian region of West Virginia to New Jersey just outside of New York City. The Lord has sent me here to do some ministry work in New Jersey while finding a place to stay in New York City to return there for more streets ministry work there.

Without going into detail, last night I experienced a wildly fiery spiritual battle that I only made it through by the love, strength, mercy, and grace of God almighty and thanks to some beautiful and precious sisters in the Lord who loved, prayed, and encouraged me through coupled with any and all of you who read my Good News Daily who have been praying.

I am exhausted, getting some much needed rest, settling into my hotel here with the ministry’s special needs dogs, and going day by day with 15 year old Dancer who appears to be nearing the end of his life and is continuing to have his ongoing behavioral issues as well. I have had my own behavioral issues in response to him and to all the stress of being on the road for the past two years. Suffice it to say, I thank the Lord for repentance and for His amazing mercy.

I hope in the coming days if it’s the Lord’s will to get back to my Good News Daily devotional writing to send to you and God willing to share some of what I’ve experienced in the past few days as the Lord uses my experience to help myself and others learn how to follow Jesus day by day – through the mountains, in the valleys, in the thick of the battles, and enjoying the victories when they come.

Please pray as the Lord leads you. I need prayer beyond description right now, as do the ministry doggies, the ministry overall, and those worldwide the Lord is reaching through this little ministry of His.

In His love,


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