Update & Prayer Request from Lara


What a joy it is to share with you that since the Lord led me in April 2017 to give away most everything, put my house on the market, and hit the road full time with my ministry, laptop & publishing equipment, and little crew of special needs & senior dogs to fulfill my life’s calling to help people find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ that He has been growing, growing, growing the ministry and reaching countless people for Christ. The Lord is opening numerous doors.

I have had endless opportunities to share the Gospel in the hotel, on the streets, and everywhere I go; to distribute my tracts, devotionals & books on the streets, into numerous prisons & homeless shelters, and via mail around the country to others distributing them; to continue writing my Daily Inspiration online which is being read locally, nationally & internationally; and to love, pray for, encourage, and minister to and disciple people in person and by phone & email. I am in awe of what the Lord is doing, and He gets every single ounce of glory!


Besides the obvious of asking you as often as you are led to pray for me, the ministry, those being reached through the ministry, and the special needs/senior dogs in my care, my NUMBER ONE PRAYER REQUEST on an ongoing basis is for FINANCIAL SUPPORT for myself and the ministry most especially for the hotel room (which is set up as my little “office” for writing and publishing as well as where I do some of my streets ministry work as well as where I stay which thankfully has been offered at a greatly discounted rate) and very much for the publishing of the tracts, devotionals, and books as well as for the ministry overall.

THANK YOU for your love, encouragement, and prayers!!!!


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