Update & Prayer Request from Lara


Hi everyone,

Seems it’s been a while since I checked in to let you all know what I’m up to in New York City where I arrived at the end of April 2018 as my third stop out on the road for the Lord and ministry. I’m now fully settled into my little apartment with the ministry’s five handicapped & senior rescued dogs. The warm weather has brought with it endless opportunities to walk the streets with and without the dogs as I praise the Lord, pray to Him, love Him, worship Him, sing to Him, seek Him, listen to Him, sometimes simply enjoying the walking without doing anything at all as I love walking, and keeping my heart, ears, and eyes wide open to the leading of the Holy Spirit who continually brings people to me or vice versa to talk to about the Lord, to love, pray for, encourage, help and support, and give Gospel tracts to.

I have never had so many opportunities on such a regular basis, and I could not be more humbled, thankful, blessed, and privileged to love and serve the Lord and others in this way. The Lord is continuing to use the wheelchair dogs as well as the other ones to introduce me to people to talk to about Him, but I also am blessed to have plenty of opportunities when I’m walking the streets with Jesus and without the dogs.

When I’m not on my wonderful walks, or at the churches I’ve been attending hearing powerful preaching and diving into wonderful worship, I’m usually spending time with the Lord studying His Word and seeking and hearing Him, writing my Daily Inspiration, on the telephone or email ministering to someone, keeping in touch with faraway loved ones, and, believe it or not, trying to get some REST. And, oh, yes, taking care of the very special dogs in my care who despite the fact I only have 5 now require a good deal of love, care, time, and attention given their disabilities, ages, wheelchairs, diapers, and medications!

One thing I’ve discovered about the ministry work to which the Lord has called me is that though I may not work 16 hour days like some people do, no matter how much “work” I may do on a given day, it is so exceedingly intense and sometimes so emotional given the stories of the people with whom I cross paths that I can find myself tired from the intensity and emotion of it all.

I could not be more thrilled that the Lord leads me to people with all sorts of backgrounds, stories, challenges, needs, etc., from the rich, poor, hurting, hopeless, homeless, rejected, abused, and criminals to the mean, the kind, the loving, the disabled, mentally challenged, the young, the old, agnostics, atheists, people immersed in false religion, to Christians needing encouragement, to those who have just found Jesus to those who have followed Him for years, to those who have wandered away and need to repent and return to Him, to the wacky and weird, to the corporate ladder kind of people to the artsy, to couples and families, to tourists and local students, and on and on.

I am very thankful to report, too, that this little ministry is growing nationally and internationally by God’s glorious grace alone. The Daily Inspiration is read by people around the world, and the tracts and devotionals are continuing to be sent into prisons, homeless shelters, onto the streets via my own work, and via individuals and groups from around the US who request copies to distribute. I am excited to report a beautiful young family in the UK has requested tracts to distribute in the UK with the hope if it’s the Lord’s will they may be able to help get more distribution in the UK and perhaps other countries, too. That, of course, is in the Lord’s hands. I have also received a request from a public institution in the Midwest to assemble some of the Daily Inspiration into book form and to distribute it as the Lord leads in that particular institution.

I pour my heart into the writing to which the Lord calls me, and I love to see how He chooses to distribute it. On that note, if you or anyone you know is ever led to distribute the tracts and/or Faithful Magazine, which is usually comprised of my Daily Inspiration, on your own or through a church, ministry, hospital, nursing home, school, etc., please let me know! I am open to however the Lord desires to lead, and I am thankful for those He leads to help send the writing to wherever and to whomever He desires it to go. If you aren’t already aware, I also write books and have them available on my website. The most recent is the Follower book comprised of Daily Inspiration along with my personal story & the Gospel message.

I would never be able to keep everyone up to date with every single opportunity the Lord is giving me to proclaim Him to the world, nor would I ever be able to express my thanksgiving enough to Him for who He is, what He did on the cross, is doing, and will do, for the indescribably amazing personal relationship He has given me with Himself, for His endless blessings in my life, and for the fact He has called me to what He has called me to in the way of ministry.

Please keep me and the ministry and the doggies in my care and all the people to whom the Lord leads me through streets ministry, via phone and Internet, and through the writing in your prayers if and as the Lord leads you. Please don’t take for granted how exceedingly important prayer is. Just about a week ago, a man and his son wrote to tell me they were praying for me. Within a day or so, I couldn’t understand why there were so many news stations’ trucks parked right near my street. Less than 2 blocks away, several people had been shot. The Lord had kept me safe, and I can’t help but think of the timing of being told I was being prayed for.

Your love, prayers, encouragement, and donations are so very much appreciated.

With love in Christ’s most glorious and precious and everlasting name,


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