Update & Prayer Request from Lara


It’s hard to believe it’s July already, and that I’ve been on the third stop of my life out on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry for over two months already. Stop number one was Loudoun County, VA, for about 11 months. Stop two was New Jersey for three weeks. Now, New York City for over two months.

If the truth be known, I’m still very excited, very humbled, very thankful, and very confident I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be doing what I’m supposed to be doing for the Lord, but I’m also quite tired from a combination of years of personal struggle coupled with the challenges of being in full-time ministry with no staff, a baby budget, only two sweet and beloved part-time volunteers who do their best to help despite their own busy personal schedules, combined with the ongoing care of 5 special needs and senior rescued dogs and the challenges of being in an enormous city where I do not as of yet have any relationships with anyone.

I praise the Lord God almighty for His awesome strength, His amazing provision, for ever refining me and growing me through it all, for using me through it all to help others find and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and for giving me the stamina to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And I praise Him for a small and strong circle of sisters in the Lord who walk closely alongside me and are always there to love, encourage, and pray for me and help me in my relationship with Him and vice versa.

For those of you who don’t know, as much as I absolutely need rest, and plenty of it especially given the intensity of my streets ministry and writing work, I struggle with slowing down and resting because when I do I come face to face with the sadness that comes with the great and ongoing losses I have experienced personally. And I come face to face with the fact the Lord has given me a life of much solitude for the purpose I believe of both refining me and making me available to the utmost to Him and others to whom He calls me to minister when in fact I absolutely love people and relationships.

I have come to a place of such exceeding love and reverence for the Lord and such an indescribable desire to please and honor Him that I am willing to forsake my own personal dreams and desires, wishes and wants and ways, that I might live and breathe my every breath in a way that is glorifying to God and that I might be used as much as He desires in my writing and ministering personally to people on the streets, and by phone and e-mail to help people find and forever and ever follow the love of my life, my beloved, the Lord Jesus Christ.

As immeasurably thankful as I am to each and every person who donates to the ministry, and to my beautiful sisters in the Lord who help me as much as they can given their schedules with putting together and sending out the Gospel tracts and devotional magazine I write, I would be extremely thankful if you would please pray if you are led regarding the following:

1. Greater financial support
2. More physical support in the VA/DC area in preparing the tracts & devotionals
3. For God’s will regarding if & how He wants to expand distribution and readership of the writing
4. For safety & protection for me and the dogs
5. For mine and the dogs’ continued health particularly for my 2 senior doggies Abigail and Dancer
6. For resources and contacts and connections and relationships in New York City for the season I am here
7. For God to continue to grow me in His image
8. For the salvation and sanctification and provision for all those the Lord leads me to minister to on the streets and by phone and Internet
9. For whatever else the Lord might place on your heart

With Christ’s awesome love,

His blessed servant,


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