Update & Prayer Request – My Next Locat


Dear friend,

Today, Lord willing, I am headed to New York City as my next location on the road for Jesus with my special needs ministry dogs. I will be staying in New Jersey just outside the city until the Lord gives me further directions. I may be in the area for as little as a day or a week, for months, or for however long the Lord desires. I have prayed for a very long time about this and am clear God is sending me now. This follows three months of very intense, powerful, and beautiful ministry in northern Virginia outside DC where I had extreme and exhausting challenges at my hotel but am thankful to say God carried me through it all. I also got to see my Aunt a few times which was a blessing and to spend some wonderful time with my beloved Mom with whom by God’s grace I am closer than ever!

I confess I am tired, worn, and weary from years on the road coupled with ongoing long-time personal challenges not to mention the state of this world right now and the toll it takes on us all, but I am putting my trust in the Lord and going forth because Jesus Christ is Lord, I am His, and I yearn to express my love to God in my obedience to Him. My heart’s cry as I go forth is to love and worship the Lord forever and to help others to enter into a forever relationship with God and to faithfully and humbly be totally devoted forever followers of His!

The Lord has sent me to New York City and New Jersey twice before for ministry. It was extraordinarily challenging in many ways, but unfathomably rewarding in my ministry work for the Lord. I have a heart for New York City I believe because God has given me a heart for the whole world. I know no other place in the US where as much of this world is represented in such a small geographical location.

Prayers & donations would be very welcome!  I would be thankful beyond measure for both!

Love & blessings,


p.s. Please note I have lost 3 of my beloved ministry dogs since my first ministry time in New York City and 2 more since my 2nd. It is hard returning without them, but I trust in the Lord to carry me through as He gives me His love, mercy, grace, strength, protection, wisdom, and all else I need to follow Him forth!

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