Update & Prayer Request


Hello everyone,

Just a little update on me & Walk by Faith Ministry….As much as I didn’t want to leave Virginia where I evacuated with 10 of the ministry’s special needs and senior rescued dogs and where God blessed me with family, friends, and numerous ministry opportunities, I am now settled back in South Carolina for the time being with the hope and belief He will send me back to the VA/DC area in the future for more ministry there.

His Spirit has led me into a season of rest and preparation for where He is taking me next, has taken me through the refining fire in the midst of it all, and I am humbled and blessed beyond measure at the phenomenal change in my heart as well as lifestyle He has already made in me. I have slowed down tremendously and am learning at a deeper level than ever how to truly walk with the Lord in His ways and at His pace as He Spirit conforms me through His Word to Christ and leads me on. I have been extremely exhausted for some time and will be going to the doctor but believe the past 20 years of pushing myself very hard in ministry and with the dogs combined with the trials of life and not caring for myself to the degree I should have caught up with me. My trust is in the Lord and I am actually excited about this new way of life of learning to truly rest in Him and let Him lead!

Tomorrow God willing I am returning to death row for another visit, I am continuing to be blessed to minister to the homeless on Sundays, my writing by God’s grace alone is going well, and I am blessed to be receiving requests from people online to send the books, tracts & devotionals out including to people in need of Christ and encouragement and help finding and following Him forever. How humbled I am!

I could share much more, but will leave it for now simply at this.

I welcome your love, encouragement, prayers, and donations as the Spirit of God might lead you.

With His love filling me for Him and for you,



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