Update and Prayer Request


Dear friends,

Just a quick note to say please forgive me for not sending out my usual almost Daily Inspiration over the past week.

Without going into detail, which I do not believe necessary, I have been going through a fiery trial of a combination of an exceeding attack from the enemy against myself and my little ministry, along with extreme testing from the Lord in all He has been teaching me, combined with some challenging personal stuff & a very big need for rest after now being out on the road full time for ministry for the past 6 months.

With absolutely every ounce of glory to the Lord, and a huge thanks to a very strong group of female Christ followers walking alongside me with plenty of love, encouragement, and prayers, I am standing in the strength of the Lord and emphatically convicted that I need to press on.

I am greatly desirous to let the Spirit of God lead the way, and to be in the Lord’s will and to follow Him in His time. This may mean lots of Daily Inspiration again, or it may mean rest along the way. I fully trust He will lead the way!

In the meantime, your prayers would be enormously appreciated. I will also be sending out a separate important special request.

With love in Christ’s glorious name,


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