Use Your Story for God’s Glory

If you think transparency is just for the sake of bringing our junk into the light so God can heal it, think again. If you want God to use your story for His glory, then you may just come to find that transparency isn’t just for you. It’s for all those who might be drawn to the Lord through what God has done in your life. So the next time you’re tempted to hold back your story because you’re too shy, too embarrassed, too ashamed, too private, too averse to thinking about the hard stuff again, too anything at all, consider this.

If you’ve ever desired for God to use you, realize that He might have much bigger intentions than sending you into the kitchen to fasten your apron strings and to bake dozens of brownies for the church rummage sale. Or he might have much different plans than sending you back to coach youth softball for the special sports league for at-risk inner city kids.

He might just want to use your testimony – yes, even the hard stuff – to show forth His glory and to transform other people’s lives as He is doing yours. If the Holy Spirit has been tugging on your heart to share with someone – friend, stranger, or even a whole group of people – about what God has done in your life through your faith in Jesus Christ, don’t shut the door on the Holy Spirit. Open it wide, and thank God He is entrusting you with opening your heart, and your story, to bring light to a world in such dire need for the light and hope and LOVE of Jesus Christ. 

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