Very Special Dog Heads to Walk by Faith Ministry

When Joshua begins his new life with Walk by Faith Ministry in the very near future, some might say I have lost my mind. Why would anyone in her right mind take in a 12-year-old, chocolate Labrador retriever with a large tumor who was scheduled for euthanization in a shelter about 4.5 hours away? Go ahead and call me crazy because I am. I am crazy for Christ, and completely committed to loving and serving the Lord and His Creation with all my heart. I already have a full plate, I already have a full house, I already have a super tight budget, and I already live an incredibly simple life as a result. So why would I make a flying leap once again out of my comfort zone to do something I only will be able to do in the strength and through the love and by the provisions of God?

“You have such a big heart,” my dear friend Jami told me this morning when I called to tell her I believed the Lord was telling me to take Joshua under the wings of Walk by Faith Ministry.
But it is God’s heart inside of me that is not only big. His heart is humongous. And the more I learn to let His love flow through me to help a world in need, the more humbled and in awe I am of His mercy and grace that simply never run out.
“God could have given up on me,” I told Jami. “But He didn’t.”
Joshua’s family left him at a shelter because they were moving. Imagine if God had said he couldn’t take me where He was going. Jesus came all the way down from heaven to take on the life of a man, to die for my sins, and to rise again so I could have eternal life through faith in Him. There is no distance God will not go for His kids, so who am I to say I can’t go an extra mile for someone or something in need.
I do not know the medical condition of Joshua beyond his tumor. I do not know how long he will have on this earth before he goes to heaven. But I know one thing. I am bound and determined to pass on to him the love and care he deserves while he is still on this earth.
Thank you for keeping me and the ministry in your prayers. If you would like to make a donation for Joshua, please click on the CHIP-IN button on the upper right hand corner of this page where we are collecting donations for Doggy Supplies! 

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