Wait For God to Lead You!


The Holy Spirit of God spoke the words below to my heart. Always measure what you read and hear against the Bible because the Lord always and only speaks in line with His Word. And when you read or hear a message from someone else that is indeed biblical, you can pray to the Lord to see if that message is in fact for you!

      “Wait for me to lead you. You want to lead yourself. You get anxious and excited to move ahead and do not wait for me. You call me Lord but then you refuse to wait for me to tell you what I want you to do next. Part of trusting me is allowing me to show you where I want you to go, what I want you to do, whose path I want you to cross, whom I want you to help, with whom I want you to have a relationship, what I want you to do in a given day, all aspects of my will for you each and every day.  

     If you wait for me, you show me your trust in me. You are putting your trust in yourself when you do not let me lead you. You say you believe in me. You want to follow me as I have called you to do. Now I am going to tell you that following me means I go before you. Let me. You will show me your love in your faithfulness to wait for me to lead you and your commitment to do as I say.”

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27 NKJV

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