Get ready………get set………..GO. The Lord has called me back to writing. Okay, that’s not the entire story. He has called me back to writing not because He told me to stop writing several months ago, but He has called me back to writing AFTER I stopped writing because of my decision to neglect the gift He has given me and called me to use for His glory. So He has not called me back after calling me away. He has called me to return to something I never should have left. So get ready……..get set…………for the brand new WALK BY FAITH DEVOTIONAL – which will be as much of a surprise to me as it will be to those reading it. I was told long ago the Lord would equip me to do what He calls me to do. So I trust that He is not only calling me back, but that He will equip me as I walk by faith in writing and publishing this devotional for Him and the lives He chooses to touch through the words He places in my heart………
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