The Walk of Faith


The Walk of Faith

   “…Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

    “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” Psalm 32:8

“It’s time to walk forward,” the Lord spoke to my heart as I knelt at the window praying and crying. I had just finished worshiping Him, singing to Him. I had just lost my severely disabled 10-pound dog Little Miss Miracles. I had lost another dog a few weeks earlier. And two other dogs in the past 6 months. My family had just sold a country home they had owned for decades that had incredibly precious memories and reminded me of the family I no longer had due to a tragic situation. I knew I could not wallow in it. Too much to be done. God has called me as an evangelist for such a time as this, as the world becomes ever darker, falling apart left and right, people lost and headed for hell. I couldn’t afford to drown in tears. I needed to be ready, available, willing, obedient. To help more people become and remain forever followers of Christ. How would I walk forward? I didn’t know which next step to take. Where would God take me next? My ministry was growing. “How do I walk forward?”

“By faith.” A little ripple in my heart. I knew there was a message for others too and hurried to my computer.

“Of course.” I smiled in my heart. Walk by faith. The name God had given me for my ministry long before I came to really understand what it means. Long before He gave me dogs to care for that would be paralyzed, missing limbs, missing toes, severely disabled, old. Who walked in their own ways, with wheelchairs, hobbling, feet crossed over, limping. Long before I saw how many countless people He would bring before me who needed to learn how to walk with Him. By faith. Long before I realized in the midst of this all, He would teach me to walk by faith. Yes, by faith.

Faith in Him. Faith in Christ. Faith in the Bible. Faith that if I seek Him, He will answer. Faith that if I pray and wait on Him, He will respond. Faith that He will order my steps. Faith that He will light my path. Faith that the Lord is my Savior, healer, deliverer, redeemer, restorer, provider, Father, forgiver, giver of life, grace, and mercy, helper, advocate, counselor, refuge, protector, atonement, teacher, role model, transformer, and on and on. He is my life! Faith that He wasn’t just pressing me to move forward, but that He is my leader, my guide, and my strength as He refines me, conforms me to Himself, and takes me by the hand and heart and teaches me to walk in His ways as He uses me to bring glory to His name and to carry the torch of the flame of His love and the truth of the Gospel all across the earth.

   Walk by faith! In Christ! For eternity!

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