“You will show me the path of life;

In Your presence is fullness of joy;

At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

–           Psalm 16:11

                          Can you fathom the Lord of the entire universe, perfect in every way, including perfectly holy and righteous, wants us in His presence where we can because of His glorious-ness and graciousness experience love unfathomable and joy immeasurable for eternity?

What does the psalmist mean when he writes of all the pleasures at God’s right hand? Who sits at God’s right hand in heaven? Jesus does! And in Jesus Christ, when we are in the Lord’s presence, devotedly sitting at His beautiful feet, we will find endless blessings. Endless pleasures. His love, His fellowship, hope, peace, joy, comfort, encouragement, grace, mercy, compassion, friendship, wisdom, direction, discernment, and on and on. God’s love, and the blessings that accompany His love, are endless! Oh, what joy! Oh, what pleasures! In His presence!

Let us be ever thankful the Lord of the universe wants His followers in His presence, not just for a visit, not just once in a while, but to dwell, to abide, to live, to remain, in His presence forevermore. Let us practice this while we are here on this earth. Consciously, proactively, determinedly, committedly, devotedly, purposefully learning to actively focus on Him, think about Him, meditate on His Word, to meditate on Him, to be still before Him, to rest in Him, to unwind in Him, to unfold in Him, to lean back on Him, to press into Him, to stretch out our arms, and hearts, to Him, to enjoy Him, to experience Him, to love Him, to live for Him, to live in Him, to live through Him and Him through us, to be one with Him, to commune with Him, to fellowship with Him, to dine with Him, and dance with Him, to sing to Him, to hear Him sing over us, to share with Him, to rejoice in Him, to grow in Him, to grow for Him, to grow by Him, to relax with and in Him, to learn from Him, to learn of Him, to get closer, closer to Him, to breathe Him in, to worship Him as we learn to walk with Him, with Him in us, and us in Him, to praise Him for His is so good, so good, God is, so good and beautiful and everlastingly loving and merciful and glorious is our Lord! Oh, thank the Lord! Thank you Lord! For your infinite, your loving, merciful, forevermore presence!

Fall in love with the Lord, my friend, fall in love with Him!















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