We All Scream for Titus!


“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” Psalm 34:8

“I spread out my hands to You;
My soul longs for You like a thirsty land. Selah” Psalm 143:6

“Ice cream! Ice cream! We all scream for ice cream!” I don’t know how young or old you are, but I’m of the age that when I was a girl, those were the words we yelled out when we were ebulliently ecstatically excited at the prospect of getting blessed with ice cream cones! Ice cold! Yummy delicious! All sorts of flavors! Sugary sweet! Sprinkles on top! Ice cream! Joy, joy, joy! 

One morning these words popped into my mind as I walked around my little New York City apartment doing my chores caring for my special needs and senior rescued dogs and considering studying the Bible. “Titus, Titus, we all scream for Titus!” Why in heaven’s name would those words come to me?

Friend, when you have made a total surrender of your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and are totally devoted to living utterly for Him, and dig deeply daily devotedly into God’s Word to not only study it but learn to live by it, and want nothing in the universe more than to love, honor, adore, draw closer to, learn more of and from, and become more like, please, satisfy, bring joy to, and make God almighty through Christ proud, the Word of God – the BIBLE – and the idea of spending personal alone time with God and His Word – becomes more yummy, delicious, satisfying, joyful, fulfilling, pleasing, exciting than ANYTHING else.

Once you have truly tasted of a deeply personal, deeply intimate, ever-growing relationship with Christ as LORD, whereby you truly learn day by day to yield yourself to God and to His will and ways, to His plan for your life, being willing to forsake anything and anyone He wants you to let go so you are entirely His, striving to fulfill His calling on your life, coming to see His Word is His voice, His wisdom, His instructions, His road map for life, His telling you of Himself, and on and on, when you receive the gift of His Spirit and are ever re-filled with it, learning to be led by His Spirit and living for God’s glory, oh what a thrill, oh what a joy, oh how amazing!

There is nothing in the universe more glorious, and beautiful, and rich and lovely, and tender, and splendorous, and on and on, than knowing God almighty up close and personal, and than spending time, hungrily, thirstily, passionately, excitedly, opening up the pages of the Bible and drinking up, eating up, partaking of God in and through His Word.

Some of us love ice cream, and we all have one thing or another or person or another on this earth we are blessed to love and enjoy, but screaming for ice cream because it’s delicious and we can’t wait to have more of it, this is absolutely nothing when compared with crying out for more of the Lord, for more of His nearness, more knowledge of Him and knowing Him, more of His Word, more growing in His image, more hearing Him and learning to obey Him, more of God, oh, more of the Lord!

Titus is a book in the Bible. I wasn’t really screaming for Titus in my heart. I was just being reminded as those words popped onto my mind how blessed, how very blessed, I am to belong to Jesus and to have access 24-7 to the Word of God, the Bible, to draw ever closer to the Lord, Amen!

Do you hunger & thirst for the Lord & His Word? Cry out for more of Him! Cry out for more of His Word! Oh, cry out! More of you, Lord, more of you! More of your Word, oh Lord, more!

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