Welcome to Heaven, St. Francis

On March 14, 2011, my sweet senior special needs dog St. Francis who was flown just months ago cross country to escape euthanization in a California shelter and know the love, safety, and care he may never have known, took the final leg of his journey when he went to be with Jesus in heaven.
Just before his final flight, I took him with Red the infamous German Shepherd for a cheeseburger at McDonald’s and his first visit to the beach. I had to carry him a long ways to get him there, but it was worth every moment of carrying him there. Though he could not hear, I spoke to him anyway.
“The next time you see this beach, St. Francis, you’ll be looking down from heaven,” I told him as he stared in quiet wonder at the glorious beach filled with sand, sea, seagulls, and laughing children.
Some would call me a fool for directing a ministry that takes on a 14 year old dog with so many major medical challenges that he likely did not have very long to live after his arrival in my life. I am not a fool; I am merely crazy for Christ.
The Lord did not give up on me when I was lost, abandoned, rejected, forsaken, broken, and homeless in my heart. The Lord gave me a home in His fold, a new heart, and a new life.
Why should I give up on His Creation?
Loving St. Francis was worth every penny poured into his travel and care, every ounce of time and love I poured into him, and every tear I have cried saying goodbye.
I have such a long ways to go in my walk with the Lord. I continue to fall short so very often. But I wouldn’t give up my walk with Him for anything.
Nor would I give up on those He places in my heart and my life to love and provide for with the love and provisions He gives to me.
Farewell, sweet St. Francis.
Because I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, and because I believe with my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I am saved and after my life on earth will spend eternity with God – where surely as I spend my time with the Lord forever, once more I will be able to throw my arms around St. Francis and hold my sweet baby in my arms.
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  1. I am so very sorry for your loss and I am also very happy that his last days were filled with love and friendship…Well done..

  2. Thank you for all you have done for old St.Francis and all your other special family members.
    Bless you, Lara. Run free, St.Francis.

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