What a Beautiful Sky!


“The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” Psalm 19:1………………….

Early morning. Very. Very early. Super cold day. Again. Day after day of it. Of freezing cold. This day warmer, if you count in the 20s warmer. It’s all relative, isn’t it? I had spontaneously, impulsively, as is often my way, and is often the way the Lord continually introduces me to new people in my streets ministry work, jumped in the car and headed out. It was so early I didn’t know if the grocery store would be open. But I was craving fresh fruit. Big-time. And figured I could grab a few other items, as well. All blessings from the Lord. His bounty of provision. Even on a very low budget, to be available to the maximum for Him and ministry, I am so blessed by Him. With things like fresh fruit on a freezing cold winter morning. The kind of morning I begged him years ago to take out of my life such that I would never see a freezing cold winter again. He had sent me back South. Now here I was back North. Loving Him. Serving Him. And driving down the road with my groceries in the back, having spent my early, early time with Him and His Word, having walked in the near dark, warm clothes wrapped around me, praising and singing to Him and praying aloud, now finishing up my early morning errand. That’s when it happened. What, you wonder. This. I looked ahead. And I looked up. And there it was.

What a beautiful sky! Hand-painted by God. Hand-crafted by God. Hand-made by God. A tapestry of colors. Pastels, purple-y, orange-y, yellow-y, bluish, all interspersed, interwoven, united, as one, melded together, meshed, unified, one whole, donning itself proudly, high up in the sky, underneath the heavens in which God sits upon His almighty throne. Oh, what a beautiful sky!

I am 50 years old, and I wonder how many sky paintings have I missed? How many beautiful skies have I not even seen? How many days and hours and breaths of my life have I been so wrapped up in myself, in “my little world,” in my trials, in my thoughts, in me, in others, in stuff, in this or that, that I have missed God’s astounding beauty, His amazing love personified in His day to day, moment by moment, gloriously wonderfully awesomely abundantly blessed Creation?

My friend, are you at all like I? Do you perhaps go through your days, and hours, and breaths, so focused on whatever, on whatever that is not God, on whomever, on whomever is not the Lord, on this or that, on something or someone or yourself, not on His Word, but on your words, or someone else’s, on the voices around you, instead of His, on your imagination and what you have created or some other human has, that you miss His splendid skies? And on all else that He blessedly gives us each and every day?

Oh, how much I have missed of the Lord’s blessings. But that day I didn’t. That early morning I saw what He had created. What He had done. And made. And I was blessed by it. Blessed by Him.

Please open your eyes. Open your heart. See what the Lord has done! See what He makes day by day. And be thankful! For what He gives us each and every hour. Right down to how each day He paints the sky! Oh, what a beautiful sky! Do you see?

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