What a Tragedy


What a Tragedy

“If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.” John 12:26

    Dear God, Please use me. I want to serve you. Please find attached a list of what I want to do for you. I’ve attached a separate list of everything I won’t do for you. Certain things make me uncomfortable. I’m sure you understand. I don’t want to be uncomfortable. I am willing to take certain risks. I have attached an additional list of risks I won’t take. I want to feel secure, after all. By the way, when I’m not in the mood to do something, you’ll know because I’ll flat out refuse to do it. Or, if I’ve already gotten started, I’ll quit in the middle if I get bored, tired, or aggravated – or have a better opportunity. Moving right along. God, I have some things in my life that make me happy. I’ll do almost anything to serve you but not what threatens my happiness. My relationships and  commitments are very important to me. I trust you won’t give me anything to do that will interfere with any of this or jeopardize it. Please check on the box marked terms and conditions to confirm you’ve read and agreed to them all. Oh, I almost forgot. How would you like to use me? I’m ready to serve you now.

If you think this is funny, it probably would be if it weren’t tragic. How many of us say we want to be used by God, and to serve Him (we are all commanded to love and serve God above all else, mind you), but see this as nothing more than searching through the classified ads seeking a job. We look through the ads for the job we want, the pay we want, the benefits we want, the location we want, the hours we want, the perks we want, the employer we want, the convenience, security, and comfort we want. We circle a few ads and toss aside the rest. When we get a job, we decide whether or not we want it. Or to keep looking. It’s all about us, isn’t it?

God is CREATOR of the universe. Jesus is LORD. Do we really understand this? When we repent and believe in Christ as Lord and turn to God and His ways so we are forgiven, and enter into a relationship with God now and forever with an ongoing commitment to the Lord, we are BLESSED and PRIVILEGED to become God’s adopted children and to LOVE and SERVE Him forever now and in heaven instead of going to hell and the lake of fire forever apart from Him. Who are we to tell the LORD how we want to serve Him? Ho beautiful, what a privilege and honor, how amazing, how awesome, wonderful, that we would be blessed to serve Christ! And that God would honor those who serve Christ!

   Would it not behoove us to repent of our prideful attitudes, humble ourselves, and ask THE LORD, “How can I serve you, Lord?” And, when He answers, to say YES. YES, God, YES! Oh, glorify His name!

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