What Are You Asking God For?


What Are You Asking God For?

“…the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee…Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people? And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing.” 1 Kings 3:5-10

    Long ago, King Solomon heard God in a dream ask him what he wanted. Can you imagine? God telling you that you can ask Him for anything you want? King Solomon’s response? He humbly said he was like a child who had been made king of the masses and needed wisdom to do the job God had given him well and to be able to rightly judge the people’s matters. God not only blessed him with wisdom to do the job well; He blessed him way beyond what Solomon asked for – with riches beyond measure. Why did God honor him like this? And what are you asking God for?

When Solomon made honoring and serving God his highest priority, God blessed him beyond measure. When we love, seek, and serve the Lord above all else, He provides all we need and blesses us beyond what we can conceive of. This is not merely some far-fetched notion in God’s Word; this is God’s Truth. I should know. When I turned my priorities around and made a sincere life-long commitment to devote my life wholly to loving and serving the Lord 24-7, learning to ask Him for the provision to love and serve Him rather than begging Him to fulfill my self-centered desires, I didn’t just see a change in what I am asking God for. I have seen a phenomenal change in how God answers what I ask for. Not only does He provide all I need daily physically and spiritually to love and serve Him, but He blesses me beyond measure in ways beyond imagination.

Solomon received the wisdom he asked for to serve God well AND untold riches. I am given provision daily to love and serve the Lord with all my heart AND riches beyond measure. My riches are not like Solomon’s. I live a very simple, bare-bones lifestyle to be fully available to the Lord and ministry 24-7, but God blesses me daily with everlasting riches – love, joy, peace, hope, contentment, fulfillment, excitement, and, most importantly, the promise of eternity with Him through Christ and a stunningly amazing personal relationship with Him that grows by the day.

What are we asking God for? Does not what we ask Him for reveal our hearts, whether we are living for ourselves or for Him? Solomon ended up making a mess, and so can we. But we can choose in God’s strength not to make a mess, and instead to love, honor, adore, and serve Him daily. He is worthy of all our love.

   What are you asking God for? Is it what you need to bring Him love, praise, and glory? Time to make a change?

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