What God Can Do With Your Gifts


When I think of my accountant, I cannot help but think of the wonderful way God can use His gifts to us for His Kingdom purpose. When we put our gifts and talents in His hands, when we surrender our hearts to Him, and when we choose to live daily for His glory, we realize God can transform our ordinary lives into extraordinary living – for Him. My accountant is living proof.

I cannot remember the day, hour, or even the year a friend referred me to a local accountant, but rest assured I can recall my situation. Desperate. I am almost always desperate when it comes to numbers, banking, and taxes. Suffice it to say, I am quite sure I reluctantly, begrudginly, and warily dragged myself off to this stranger’s office. I was certain I would hand him everything he needed, beg him to help in whatever way he could, and race out of there as quickly as possible.

Never in a million years did I expect this brother in Jesus Christ had so surrendered his heart, life, and talent with money and numbers to the Lord that God would use him in the most mighty way in my life. Nor did I even realize as the years went by how quietly, how humbly, and how commitedly this man was ministering to me over time.

Just days ago, as I sat once again in his office to go over numbers, it all became clear. I looked back. God used his accounting work to bring him into my life. Then, God used his surrendered heart to minister to me. First, my accountant helped me with numbers. Then, he helped me with life. Over time, more and more, he saw the gifts God had given me and encouraged me in them. Especially writing – for the Lord.

On the surface level, he has helped me with the accounting and tax work so I could continue forward in what God has called me to do with the life He has given me. On a deeper level, he encouraged me with kind words, e-mails, suggestions, and friendship. In my darkest hours, he would send an e-mail reminding me to press on in the Lord. He has edified me in the gifts the Lord has given me, reaching out a hand to a sister in Christ to help her go forward. When I shared with the public about a devastating personal loss, he showed up over and over with hope and prayer.

Some might wonder how a man buried under the world’s taxes, crunching numbers day in and day out, and working tirelessly in an office could be doing the Lord’s work. Some might say this is the work he does so he can pay his bills to support his work for the Lord. Not so. This is a big part of his work for the Lord, and I can attest to that fact. This is just as much a part of his ministry work as what he does outside his office.

He does not separate his work life from his life for the Lord. He sees his work as an opportunity to share Christ’s love with those God uses his work to bring him in touch with – both believers in Christ and those who do not yet know Christ.

Whether my accountant is helping a minister by doing his taxes, showing God’s love to someone who does not have faith in Christ yet, or helping me not to give up on writing for the Lord as I pursue God’s call on my life, my accountant is an example of what God can do with our gifts.

God gave us our gifts. When we give them back to Him for His purpose and glory, it is so beautiful to see what He can do.

I do not mention the name of my accountant in this article because he is a humble man. If you are looking for an accountant for your taxes, please e-mail me at love@walkbyfaithministry.com and I would be very blessed to provide a referral to the Godly accountant the Lord sent me.

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