What You Would Do for One Lost Sheep


What would you do for one lost sheep? Would you lay down your life for the sheep? Would you put aside your wants, your desires, your dreams, your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings, and your needs for the life of the one lost sheep?
I have heard it preached often about the prodigal son, and rarely about his brother. What I have heard least of all preached is about the father. He never gave up on his son. He did not chase after him, nor did he go out and drag him back. Not only did he welcome him home, but he reached out – out of his way – to receive his son. The world teaches us all about boundaries, judgment, and vengeance. All of this belongs to the Lord. What belongs to us is His love – not just for ourselves, but for our neighbors as ourselves. This includes the one lost sheep, no matter how far he or she has roamed.

Last week, I spoke to my pastor’s wife about my husband who abandoned me over a year ago. This is what she said to me.

“This church is his home, Lara. I am leaving the light on for him.”

This, dear ones, is the love of Jesus Christ.

No boundaries. No judgment. No vegenace.

His love.

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