When God Says NO WAY

Some people say God answers prayers with yes or no. Some say He answers with yes, no, and wait. Some say He answers with yes, no, wait, and maybe. Has God ever answered your prayers with NO WAY? I have been pressing into the Lord with what to me seems like the biggest prayer of my life, and all I seem to get in response is NO WAY. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But in all honesty, why in heaven’s name is God taking so long to answer this phenomenally big prayer?

Honestly? Because God is God. Because God knows what is best. And God does what is best. And God is best. And His answer is best. His timing is best. And, if the truth be told, I can become unbelievably exasperated as I continue to bring my prayer before Him. Someone told me long ago God doesn’t see the small picture; He sees the big picture.

In my small picture mind, the answer to this prayer is virtually a matter of life or death. If He answers affirmatively to what I have asked Him for, my life will never be the same. Nor will millions of other lives, in my estimate anyway. So why won’t God get His act together? Actually, God’s act is together. I am the one who needs to get my act together – in one area more than any other.

I need to TRUST God. My long-time pastor and father in Christ who is now in heaven used to tease me about the name of my ministry. “What’s the name of your ministry?” He would say. Walk by Faith Ministry. “You might want to try doing that,” he would reply.

Really? Me? Walk by faith. Trust God? Yeah, I suppose it’s about time I get my act together. Time to do some serious trusting.

“But God,” I will undoubtedly say when I return to matters at hand. “Please. Don’t you know how important this is to me, this thing I’ve been praying about.”

Then God will sigh. And God will remind me. He is God. And whether He tells me yes, no, wait, maybe, NO WAY, or anything else for that matter, I have to remember to trust God because He truly does know best.


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