When God Says Wait

When God says wait, He doesn’t mean go ahead. When God says wait, He doesn’t mean turn around and go backwards. When God says wait, He doesn’t mean run in circles. Believe it or not, God says what He means and means what He says. I have spent long enough not following God’s directions and then wondering how I found myself in yet another mess.

Right now, I am in a holding pattern. More accurately, I am in a healing-holding pattern. He is holding me in place while He heals me in the deepest place inside me from that which I do not yet have the release to share. But suffice it to say, God wants me to wait before I move ahead. He loves me too much to send me forward without healing me first.

And, this time around, I have decided to follow His directions. Recently, I pulled over on the side of the road to pray for a couple who had been in a horrific one-car accident in which their car had flipped entirely over. The girl had a whole bunch of blood on her, and the boy was significantly injured. Only he refused to lay down as he was instructed to do. He was too injured to stand and walk, but he was too rebellious to follow directions.

How could he receive the help and healing he needed in his rebellion? He could not. I saw myself so clearly – refusing to hold still and wait while God made me better before moving me ahead. This time around, I know better. I need to hold still while God helps and heals me – before He moves me to the next place He plans to take me.

I would appreciate your prayers as He does a mighty work in me, a work that has been a long time coming. One day, I pray, I will be given the release to share what He is doing – with the hope that it will bless others as they, too, wait on the Lord as He helps and heals them.

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