When God Tells You to Do THIS


“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6…………..

I was upset. Really upset. Really really upset. I had already prayed. A lot. Day after day. I had already cried out to the Lord. And I had cried out to friends. To pray. Oh, please pray. About a really sad situation. A situation that had been brought to my attention. By God. That nobody else seemed to know about. Or at least know and care about. Oh, how upset I was! I could have screamed. I could have beat my fists in the air. I could have thrown a temper tantrum. I could have made a zillion phone calls, sent a zillion emails, stormed out to the train to get to my car to get to the place and do something already! Oh, just to do something! I weighed my options. Endless options. I could do this. Or that. But I couldn’t hear God telling me anything. Oh, I thought He told me one thing. Then I thought He told me another. I was just so desperate to do something, anything, that I wanted to convince myself I was hearing from Him. I did the only thing I could think to do to get out all my frustration, and hurt, and exasperation, and oh, off I went.

To walk. And walk. And walk and walk. Oh, how I love to walk. I didn’t care about the heat. It felt good. To walk all the energy and exasperation out of me – and to cry out to the Lord, oh to cry out to Him! To pray, to seek Him, to praise Him, despite my frustration, and to listen for His voice.

After what seemed like the longest time, He spoke. Quietly. Directly. Straight to my heart.

This is essentially what the Spirit of God said:

Do nothing.

I have not yet given you your next instructions. 

I’m a doer. A go-getter. A totally proactive, totally let’s do something already, we can’t just sit around and do nothing person. And there was God telling me He wanted me to do absolutely nothing – yet.

Then He took me to the crux of the problem. Day after day, in fact, week after week, month after month, year after year, He has taken me to this place. This place where I need so very much growth.

The place of trust. Of choosing to trust Him. Of needing to trust Him. Of needing to decide to trust Him. Because He is worthy of all my trust, and all our trust, all the time, no matter what.

On our walk together  that day, He made plain and clear this. My frustration, and exasperation, and how awful I felt, and all that yucky energy, the whole lot of it, it was all because my heart was filled with fear – and with pride. Thinking I needed to figure out how to handle the situation. And that somehow I would know what’s best. And that I knew the best timing. And that if I didn’t do something, nobody would. And surely He wouldn’t because obviously He –

I don’t even need to continue. You already get the point, don’t you? God wanted me, and wants me, and wants each and every one of us, to trust Him. And to so trust Him that even when He tells us to do absolutely nothing, because He has not yet given us HIS instructions in HIS time for HIS plan and HIS purpose for HIS ultimate glory because HE sees the entire picture when we most assuredly don’t, that we are willing to do NOTHING until He tells us to do SOMETHING and that that SOMETHING when we finally do it will be what HE wants us to do rather than what we THINK we should do.

When God tells me, and you, to do nothing, because He has not yet given us HIS instructions, we need to TRUST HIM in our LOVE FOR HIM and to OBEY HIM by doing NOTHING until HE gives us HIS instructions, all with this in mind.

Jesus Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead so all who turn away from their sins and turn to Him in faith as Lord genuinely committing their lives to Him are forgiven, given an everlasting relationship with God almighty, and now belong to Christ forever, thereby being God’s adopted children and Christ’s everlasting servants and being in the Lord’s glorious presence forevermore!

When God tells you to do NOTHING and to wait for HIS INSTRUCTIONS, please obey.

It all comes down to love, trust, and obedience, doesn’t it?

Hard to do, but oh so necessary.

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