When It Is Time to Leave


When you are clear God has called you to leave somewhere, or something, or someone, to say goodbye, to end something, to part ways, to move on, to move forward, etc., please understand simply just leaving DOES NOT mean we are obeying God. We need to leave ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD. How so?

  1. Finish what God wanted us to do in that season of our lives.
  2. Seek His forgiveness concerning any way in which we fell short.
  3. Get rid of anything in our hearts and lives that is sin against God including a bad attitude, hurt, bitterness, anger, vengeance, jealousy, envy, self-pity, complaining, and negativity.
  4. Apologize to others for any wrongdoing we did.
  5. Forgive anyone who hurt us.
  6. Leave with love and peace in our hearts.
  7. Follow the Lord Jesus Christ as He by the Holy Spirit leads us forward.

When you know it is God’s will for you to leave, leave in a way that brings honor, praise, and glory to God!

And may the people in that season of your life see IN AND THROUGH YOU the love and light and hope and grace and mercy and goodness and kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ, HALLELUJAH!

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