When Your Vision is Not from God

Are you holding onto a vision for dear life, refusing to let it go? Are you hanging onto a dream you simply cannot part with? Do you have a plan for your future that you are utterly convinced must come to pass? Let me ask you a question. Have you ever considered the vision might not be from God?

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How often, I wonder, do we hold on to visions and dreams and plans that are simply not from Him? How often do we hang on to what we have convinced ourselves most assuredly must be His will for our lives when it most certainly is not? How often do we cleave to a vision that we know full well is not from God, but we adamantly refuse to let go anyway? God may allow us to continue forth in chasing a dream that is not His dream for our lives, but we will pay a high price for placing our vision above God and His will for our lives.

God has a plan for each and every one of our lives, and He also has a timetable for His plans for us. His greatest plan is for our salvation to ensure that we can have a relationship with Him on earth and spend eternity with Him in heaven rather than be forever separated from Him in hell. This salvation plan is offered to us when we repent from our sins and confess Jesus as Lord and believe He died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. God’s salvation plan is just the beginning. He also has a plan for each one of our lives. But just as it is up to us to repent for our sins and receive His forgiveness and receive His salvation, it is also up to us whether we will truly follow Christ throughout our lives once we are saved whereby we commit ourselves to living according to God’s vision for our lives rather than our own. He gives us a choice. It is up to us to make the right decision. His way? Or ours?

Are you born again? Are you saved? Have you repented and placed your faith in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and the promise of eternity in heaven instead of forever separated from God in hell? If you are not saved from God’s wrath and the judgement and condemnation that leads to hell, now is the time. Receive the gift He offers you through the price Christ paid on the cross for you. Let go of the way you have lived your life thus far, and choose everlasting life through Christ.

If you are already saved and born again, are you merely a believer in Jesus or are you a committed follower of His? Where do you stand when it comes to God’s vision for your life? Are you living His vision, or chasing after your own dreams for your life. Does your life truly belong to Christ as it should?

Is it time to let go? Are you hanging onto a vision, a dream, or a plan that is not from God? Are you holding onto God more than you are hanging onto the vision, the dream, or the plan, or are you hanging onto the vision more than you’re hanging onto Him? Are you quite certain the vision is from God? Perhaps you wonder how you might know. This is how. Seek the Lord’s face, check whatever you believe you hear from Him against the Bible. He will never speak against His own Word. And seek godly counsel if you are so led – from strong men and women of faith who are solidly grounded in the Word of God.

If it is time to let go, then let go. Loving the Lord is not a matter of words. Nor is it a matter of what commitment you made in the past. Loving the Lord is about bringing Him glory in all that you do, and about living the life He has ordained you to live.

May your greatest vision be this. Love the Lord with all that you are, feed daily on His Word, grow in His image as your mind is renewed with His Truth according to the Bible, and aim in all that you do to bring Him honor and praise – even, yes, if it means it is time  to say goodbye to a vision you now have come to see is not a vision from Him.

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