Who Is Following Whom?


“And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.” John 10:4

“Stand still,” the Spirit of God essentially told me one day as I was walking quickly down the street at my usual go-for-a-walk pace in the beautiful sunshine.

I was already standing. Stand still? Right in the middle of my walk? On the sidewalk? With everyone watching? And just stand there? And not walk? Not just slow down, but literally stand still? And just wait? I knew it was the Lord.

I stood. Still. Realizing I would have to disregard what anyone thought. To just stand still on a sidewalk in New York City with no intention, no purpose, no nothing. Yes, I would have to do just that. I did. The Lord had something to say to me, as I would now find out, and He wanted my full attention.

“Let me lead you,” the Holy Spirit said.

In my quick walk down the street, I had been singing to the Lord. But I had also been thinking, thinking, thinking, about how to resolve a need I had. I was thinking of one thing, then another. Then another. A flurry of thoughts. Trying to figure stuff out. As I so often find myself doing. Me trying to figure it out. On my own.

“I don’t want you leading me,” He essentially said next.

“I want you to follow me,” He finished. “I will not follow you.”

There it was. The message. For me. And now for you. About following. One who repents from his or her sins, turns to Christ as Lord, believing He died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead, fully entrusting one’s life to Christ as SAVIOR – AND AS LORD – is forgiven, promised an everlasting relationship with God instead of hell and the lake of fire, and enters into Jesus’ forever fellowship with Him as LORD.

So who follows whom? Who is the follower meant to be? Saying Jesus is our Lord is NOT ENOUGH. We need to live our lives like Jesus Christ is Lord. Because He is! And we need to yield ourselves continually to Christ and HIS LORDSHIP. Who follows whom? We are to follow Jesus! To live in His company, to enjoy His fellowship, and to submit our lives utterly to Him as our personal and forever King. Who leads whom? Christ is to lead us, and we are to submissively, humbly, lovingly FOLLOW JESUS.

Are you? Are you fully surrendered to Him? In everything? Do you follow Him daily, continually, in every aspect of your life?

Need to stand still and consider this? Are you following Jesus?

May the LORD Jesus Christ be the one we follow – forever!

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