Whose your daddy? No, I’m not asking you about the dad you’re probably thinking of. I’m not asking you about your earthly dad. I’m not asking about the man who may or may not have been a good father to you. I’m not asking if he’s alive, or has passed on. I’m not asking if he was, or is, loving – or abusive. Or both. I’m not asking about a human at all. I’m asking you this. Is God your Father? And if God is your Father, what exactly do you plan to do on Father’s Day to honor your Father?

As countless people this Sunday spend their time loving their earthly fathers, or grieving over the losses and tragedies of their earthly dads, or missing the fact they never had one, or wishing their fathers were alive for one more Father’s Day, or enjoying their first Father’s Day as a new dad, or praying for their prodigal sons to come home, I want to encourage you to set your eyes and hearts on God in heaven to truly honor the Father of all Creation. The best Father ever. God. 

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