Why Help the Helpless?

“Why are you helping dogs like that?” the woman asked me.

She didn’t know Walk by Faith Ministry’s mission is to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need – with a big emphasis on people who are lost, broken, hopeless, homeless, abandoned, rejected, suicidal, depressed, addicted, and so very much more. Nor did she know the ministry provides sanctuary-style care for mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs. But I was to discover in the short time we crossed paths that there was something so much greater that she didn’t know – something life-changing.

senior disabled severely neglected dog Little Miss Miracle
snoozing with paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon

The woman had pledged to make a sizable donation. Yet she never sent the donation, not once she heard my heart. She could not fathom why I would take in a senior, disabled, severely neglected dog that might only have a few weeks to live.

I understand now it was not my heart she could not understand. I do not believe she knew God’s heart. His heart that could have given up on this world long ago. His heart that sacrificed His Son to die on the cross to pay the penalty for the world’s sins. His heart whose love never fails and whose mercy never runs out. His heart that offers us eternal life through repentance, faith in Christ as Lord, and a life committed to following Him. His heart that saved a wretch like me.

Perhaps the woman figured her money could be put to better use since I never heard from her again. Why not help a healthy, adoptable dog that could find a wonderful new home?

It’s months later now. I watched disabled little Miss Miracle just yesterday snuggled up with paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon enjoying a little bit of sunshine coming through the window.

Little Miss Miracle got her wonderful new home. So did Mr. Simeon. And so did I. The Lord saved me from a wretched life and gave me a new life in Him. He adopted me into His family and gave me a forever home with Him.

I pray the woman finds her new home also. A home in the Lord through faith in what Jesus Christ did on the cross. I believe she will understand then my heart. But whether or not she ever understands mine really bears no significance. I pray that she would come to know His.

Who am I to give up on those in most dire need when God did not give up on me? 

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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