Why I Love the Lord So Much


A friend in sharing her heart with me remarked on how much I love the Lord and essentially expressed how she desires to so passionately and fervently love Him also. How did I get to such a place of ever-growing indescribable love and zeal for and devotion to the Lord?

Years ago, a woman I met assumed my extreme love for the Lord was based on all He has done for me. As much as I am thankful beyond measure to the Lord for all He has done for me, this is not why. Here, friend, is the reason.

I love the Lord beyond description because of WHO HE IS!

Do you love the people you love most in this world because of what they do for you and give you or because of who they are?

In a healthy relationship, it is because of WHO THEY ARE! And the more time you spend with them, the more you fellowship with them and enjoy their company, the more you experience their presence in your life, the more you speak to them and listen to them and get to know them, the more you learn of them, the more you learn of them from them, the more you watch them, the more you seek spending time with them, the more you grow in relationship to them and with them and deepen your love for them, right?

The more time I spend reading the Bible and learning from the Lord and of Him, and the more time I spend alone in His presence praising Him, worshiping Him, delighting in Him, singing to Him, seeking Him, praying to Him, listening to Him, being changed by Him, enjoying Him, experiencing Him, being refined by Him, being grown by Him, getting to know Him, hearing Him, the hungrier and thirstier I am for more of Him and more knowing Him and more growing closer to Him and Him to me, and the more I love Him.

My zeal, passion, and fervent love for the Lord and the way this love grows and grows are borne of Jesus Himself and being in His presence and being totally devoted to Him and to reading the Bible and living by it!

We are commanded to love the Lord with all our hearts. But lest you think this “command” to love Him is boring and drudgery and nothing more than an obligation we must fulfill and get out of the way so we can go on with our lives and set the Lord on the back burner once we cross Him off our to-do lists each day, think again!

The Lord, receiving His love, and loving Him, entering into a deeply intimate, deeply personal, ever-growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through repentance, faith in, and true devotion to the Lord, there is simply nothing more wonderful in the universe!

Love, love, love the Lord with all, all, all of your heart, AMEN!

Dear Father, cause every single one of my dear readers to fall madly and passionately and head over heels in love with you, oh Lord! Help them to make you and time alone with you each and every day their number one priority. Help them to love you with all their hearts. Help them to come through time in your presence and in the Bible to know you personally. Give them a hunger and thirst for you so strong and for our Word so powerful that they feel they can’t get enough of you and loving and pleasing and honoring and adoring and serving and worshiping and praising you and glorifying you now and forever and ever, AMEN!


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