Why Won’t You Stop Looking Down?

An English friend years ago commented to me, “You Americans miss so much. You’re never looking up.” He then spoke of the amazing artwork in other countries that necessitated people looking up, not down. Though he was not speaking of God, he might as well have been. He also might as well have been talking about me. Back then, I did not know God. But now that I do, I have just recently found myself looking down too much of the time.

Interestingly, I discovered this just days ago when I realized my normal position as I walk around my yard throughout the day, on and off all day long. With many dogs to care for, I am often picking up dog poop – so often, in fact, that I have learned to look down much of the time. What I did not realize is that this position has become the norm for me. I wondered, when I admitted this to myself, if I would cause my posture to become this way as I grow older. But now that I think about it, I am less concerned with my physical posture looking down as I am with my tendency to look down at my circumstances instead of looking up at our God – who is bigger than all the world’s circumstances combined.

Though I do not walk around museums and cathedrals in foreign countries where it would behoove me to look up, I am living in a world where I would benefit beyond measure if I would learn to change my posture. Certainly I need to look down in my yard both to pick up poop and to avoid stepping on it, but in my walk with the Lord I need to learn how to change my posture.

Am I the only one who tends to look down and miss what is happening up above? Or are there others like me who need to work on their posture? I am guessing I am not alone. Perhaps others will join me as I learn to look upward – setting my heart and focus where they belong. On Jesus the Christ.

Col 3:2  “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

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