Writing or Snoozing?


I’ve been working my tail off – no pun intended – on my latest book for THE LORD JESUS CHRIST & those in need of and seeking love, help, hope, & encouragement in believing in and following Him. It’s an almost rainy day, I was just thinking of how EXHAUSTED I am and how I should go to the fridge for some MORE CHOCOLATE, when I looked beside me at my beloved handicapped streets ministry doggies. Two paralyzed doggies, 1 disabled, 1 extremely old & slow. They’re just as exhausted today as I am. They’ve got the right idea, of course. Taking a SNOOZE. Me? More chocolate & back to writing for Jesus. Please learn more about Walk by Faith Ministry at http://www.GoodNews.love & feel free to sign up for my GOOD NEWS DAILY devotionals…….!

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