Your Living Sacrifice


What is your living sacrifice to the Lord? The Lord commands us in the Bible to give our bodies to Him as a living sacrifice, yet I wonder if we truly know what that means and are willing to do so. The Lord reminded me today that I promised to sacrifice one of the most beautiful gifts He has given me – someone who is very precious to me.
The Bible says: “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” (Romans 12:1 KJV). Have you ever wondered what a living sacrifice is, and have you ever considered obeying God’s command to sacrifice?

Today the Holy Spirit gave me revelation that a living sacrifice can be one or both of two things:

1. A sacrifice that I make while I am, and continue, to live
2. A sacrifice that may itself remain alive rather than die in the act of sacrifice

What if the very act of sacrificing a loved one to the Lord was the one and only way the Lord could save that person’s life? Imagine a man drowning. He is reaching out to you, holding you, clinging to you, begging you to save his life. But by the mere act of grasping on to you, he is distracted from focusing on and surrendering his whole life to the only one that saves? Jesus.

What if your choice to sacrifice – to let go, release, and be willing to give up entirely your relationship with that person, your expectations, your dreams, your vision, etc. – was exactly what it would take for the person to make the realization that Jesus saves?

Would you give up everthing you dreamed of with your loved one in order for God to save that person’s life?

Would you make that sacrifice because you love the Lord so much you want His perfect will more than you want your own? Would you make that sacrifice because you want the Lord’s salvation of your loved one more than you want the dream you have clutched onto for so long involving you and your loved one? Would you make the sacrifice because you love your loved one so much you would rather that they surrender their life to the Lord than live according to your own, limited, human plan?

There is always the chance as with Abraham and Isaac that your very act of sacrifice is what will allow you to have everything you ever wanted and more. When Abraham obeyed the Lord by sacrificing Isaac, the Lord prophetically gave Abraham a ram to sacrifice rather than Isaac.

But there is always the chance your decision to sacrifice your loved one will mean you never have a relationship with the person again. Would you do this for the Lord?

Is there anyone in your life the Lord is asking you to sacrifice?

What is your living sacrifice? Is there any area of your life you are holding back from the Lord?

God desires our obedience – in an act of love for Him.

How very little the Lord asks of us after all that He has done for us.

There is one who knows more about sacrifice than any of us.

Jesus. He gave His life for us. Now, the Lord asks, will we give our lives to Him?

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