YOUR Relationship, Not Theirs


I had been reading a few books by famous women in ministry when I found myself feeling disappointed about my alone time with Jesus. In my estimate, I wasn’t measuring up to what I had determined was the quality and the beauty of these women’s alone time with Him.

They called their time with Him devotional time. I didn’t even call my time alone in God’s presence reading the Bible and seeking and hearing Him devotional time. My relationship with the Lord didn’t look like theirs, so wasn’t there something terribly wrong with me and my relationship with Jesus? My goodness, how short I fell when I compared myself to them!

I was definitely encouraged, inspired, challenged to grow, and blessed reading what they had to say about spending time in God’s presence and about their overall relationships with Him. But I was doing something dangerous and I believe displeasing to God. I was comparing my relationship and time alone with God to theirs and judging and condemning myself as a result. How would I ever measure up? I would not! But the reality is I wasn’t supposed to! The same is true for you, friend!

Our relationships with God and the time we spend alone with Him praising Him, worshiping Him, praying to Him, singing to Him, seeking Him, hearing Him, and reading the Bible shouldn’t be measured against and judged in relation to what others do in their relationships with the Lord.

Our relationships with the Lord should be based on the Lord, the Bible, His Spirit who lives inside His followers, His desires, His will, His plans and purpose for us uniquely and individually, how His Spirit leads, guides, empowers, and enables us, His love for us, and our love, dedication, obedience, and devotion to Him!

Please don’t base YOUR personal relationship with the Lord on Christians. Base it on Christ. Most assuredly, if the Lord so leads you, be inspired and encouraged and challenged by other people’s relationships with the Lord to grow in your own. But YOUR relationship with Jesus is not to be founded on others. It is to be founded on God almighty Himself!

Let us love and worship and serve the Lord with all our hearts. Within our own, personal, individual, unique relationships with the Lord. Let our relationships with Him be beautiful in His sight! Oh, hallelujah!

“Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.” Psalms 29:2

“O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth.” Psalms 96:9

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