Your Secret Life


Today I realized something. Something big. I have no more secrets. There is not anything about me that somebody does not know. There is nothing in my life or heart that I cannot tell somebody. Most importantly, I finally understand there never really were any secrets. God has known everything about me all along. If you do not believe me, study the Bible. God knew me even before I was born. He also knows every hair on my head. I was only fooling myself when I believed I could keep my sins secret. I was also only hurting myself. God loves me so much that He wants me to be free in every area of my life. He does not want any of my life in the shadow of darkness. What are you hiding from your fellow man? Most importantly, what do you believe you are hiding from God? What price would you pay if you confessed what you are holding in the dark? You would ultimately lose the pain and hopelessness of what you have held in the dark. And through faith in Jesus Christ and the renewing of your mind through study and application of God’s Word, you would walk in the freedom God has had for you all along. Your secret life. Open the door to the breath and love of the Holy Spirit – and watch God transform you and your life that you might fullfill His vision for your life. In Christ.

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