Your Single Act of Disobedience – or Not


Disobedience. It comes with a cost. We see through human eyes. The cost to ourselves. Maybe to our families. Sometimes to our friends. We rarely, if ever, calculate the cost of our disobedience in terms of nations, of generations, of centuries, of the universe. But if we saw the whole picture as God does, we could see how a simple act of disobedience could have a ripple effect throughout the universe – for eternity. If we truly understood how the obedience of an ordinary person could help save the world, then we might comprehend how disobedience may help end it.

If Moses had not obeyed God, the children of Israel would have stayed in bondage in Egypt.

If the prophets had not obeyed God, entire nations would not have heard from God.

If Abraham had not obeyed God, there would have been no father of many nations. Nor would there have been an everlasting covenant.

If Noah had not obeyed God, the universe would have perished in a flood.

If the apostles had not obeyed God, the Gospel would never have been preached.

If Jesus Christ had not taken the world’s sins upon his back, died on the cross and risen again, the world’s sins would not have been forgiven, we would not be able to be reconciled to relationship with God our Father through faith in Jesus Christ, and we would not have everlasting life and a glorious inheritance on earth as well through our faith in Him.

Oh, but how easily they could have all done what we do so often. Disobey. With all the same excuses. Moses could have considered the task too hard. The prophets could have preferred lives of luxury. Abraham could have had an affair with a younger woman rather than go to Sara at such an old age. Noah could have waited for a cruise ship to be developed. The apostles could have taken higher paying jobs. Jesus, I am quite certain, had easier, more comfortable, joyful, things to do than die on the cross bearing the world’s mistakes.

So what about me? And what about you? Have you ever considered a single act of obedience in your ordinary life could affect generations, nations, and centuries to come? And have you ever thought your single act of disobedience could stop the Lord from using you to reach a world in need with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many of you are facing a decision right now – which way to go. Through your human eyes, you believe your decision will have little long lasting effect.

Think again. With a surrendered heart, your life in the hands of the Lord and your single act of obedience could help save a lost and dying world.

So, think again.

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