365 BLESSINGS: Blessing 13


Some people believe we have to earn our way to God’s love and forgiveness. That we have to earn our way to His grace and salvation. That we have to earn our way to heaven. But we can’t earn His love! We can’t earn His forgiveness! We can’t earn His salvation! We can’t earn our way to heaven! And we can’t earn grace! The whole point of grace is it can’t be earned! So how do we spend eternity with God? BY HIS GRACE. BECAUSE OF HIS LOVE. IN HIS MERCY. THROUGH FAITH IN CHRIST AS LORD. It’s all NOT earned. It’s given us! Wow! What would happen if we could earn our way to all this? If we could do enough good works that we could deserve to spend forever with God? Who would get the credit for that? Who would get the glory? We would! Look at the verse above. God did it the way He did so NONE OF US will BOAST – or BRAG – about how we earned our way to God. He gets every single ounce of the glory! Can you fathom His love for you and me that He set it all up this way? He made the impossible possible. It’s impossible we can spend forever in His full face to face presence because of His holiness and our sins. But because Jesus took our sin penalty on Himself, we CAN spend forever with Him when we receive Jesus as Lord through turning from our sins and believing He died to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead – with genuine faith in Christ as Lord that manifests in our lives being truly dedicated to God and His ways! BECAUSE OF HIM! Oh, let’s be so very, very thankful for God’s grace. In fact, let’s live our lives with hearts filled with thanksgiving and with hearts and actions that show the Lord our love and appreciation for all He has done for us, oh yes!

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