Paralyzed Dog Mr. Simeon – Coming Right Along

Paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon (on left in photo with his sweetheart Miss Mercy), turned in to Walk by Faith Ministry from a home in which he was found emaciated, with a skin infection, snotty, with extraordinarily long nails, and surrounded on the floor by an enormous amount of feces, has come a super long way in the past year or so! 

Mr. Simeon (on left) with Miss Mercy (and Mommie!)

He had been hit by a car, rescued by a passerby who thought he was dead, and kept in a home for a year where unfortunately he didn’t end up getting the care he needed). Though he can’t move more than inches without his wheelchair, he loves his new life in Mommie’s bedroom with disabled senior dog Little Miss Miracle and Mommie. 

Mr. Simeon (cuddled on left) with sweet Jake (who just went to heaven…)

Mr. Simeon needs to go to the doggie doctor for an exam & blood work and urinalysis and possible medications ’cause he’s drinking up a storm, pee-ing too much (in his belly band, soaking right through sometimes), and his weight even with tons of doggie food is not where it was once he achieved a good-looking weight! 

Thank you for your donations and God bless you!!! 

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