A Christmas Present from the Lord


Tonight I received another message from the Lord, and once again I believe it is for all of us – the world, and not just me. God doesn’t always have the timing I would choose, and this time He caught me in the bathroom. Fortunately, I just happened to have pen and paper. I cannot help but think it is an early Christmas present from the Lord.

Come to me, precious one. You hurt. You wanted so badly to be loved. You are – by me. There is no greater love than mine. Tell my people this. They need to know. They are busy with the season. What about my love? They are spinning, busy. I wish they would slow down and remember who I am.

The greatest gift they can give one another is to share my love with the world. Take the time to care. Do not become indifferent. You may be too busy buying a gift to know who you are giving it to. Do you know what they need? Stop and see.

A hug? A smile? Do they know Jesus? What about a prayer? A flower? Take their hand and lead them to me. I am Christ, their Messiah. Make sure they know this. If they do not, tell them. If they do, make sure they know me – exactly who I am.

Why not give a Bible? Do they have one? Do you? The Bible is my Word. Please tell them to listen to me. They are so busy with their season. I want them to hear me. I love them. There are changes I want to make in their lives. Will they let me? Ask.

If they really love me, they will. They will obey. Please tell them to love. When they really know how much I love them, they will want to share my love. Pray they do this. What a beautiful gift to give.

Please receive me, children. And please give me. This is the reason for my birth – that you will know my love, and you will do as I ask, and you will share me with the world, and that the world through faith in me will be saved. I have come to reconcile you to our Father. He lives in heaven, where I want you to be also when the time is at hand. I am there with Him now, and I have a place for you to come and live with me – forever.

One day I pray we will all be together. Please believe in me. And please – remember to love.

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