A Different Kind of Struggle

Amazing how the Lord convicts me. Amazing how often the Lord convicts me. Amazing how amazing the Lord is. Just today I was writing an e-mail to someone when the Lord decided to come to my rescue – yet again. I had it all figured out. I knew what I would say. I have said it so often before, in one way or another. I’m struggling. I’m struggling about this. I’m struggling about that. I’m struggling about whatever. I’m just plain old struggling. Of course, I like to be descriptive. I feel better saying what my struggle is about. So today I decided to e-mail someone about my struggle. But the Lord intervened.

“I’m struggling financially,” I began to write. I was seeking prayer, and I was hoping for some kind of financial help. But I could not even finish my e-mail before God had something big to say. My dear Lord. My dear editor. He obviously did not want me sending the e-mail in its current state. Nor did He want me continuing to believe I understood my struggle. Quite frankly, according to the Lord to whom I would be wise to defer, this is not my struggle.

I turned to my notebook. I had to write what the Lord told me. His conviction was a whole lot more important than the e-mail I had intended to write and send.

“You’re not struggling with your finances,” the Lord told me. “You are struggling with your faith.” I am not sure of the exact words, but the point is obvious.

Oh my! I thought I was struggling financially. But not so. My struggle lies with trusting God. I wish I could say this was something new and different. But of course it is not. And I can only imagine I am not alone.

So long as I continue to believe my struggle is in the physical world around me, I will continue to seek a physical solution and fall flat on my face. But when I remember that my struggle is in the spiritual realm and I seek the Lord for His answer and choose to obey Him, I am set free.

So suffice it to say running around the world convinced I am struggling financially will only keep me from the victory I seek. And, in my case with this current struggle, the answer will not be to race around the world looking for ways to make money. Instead, I need to sit at the feet of Jesus, study and apply God’s Word, and grow in faith.

Rom 10:17  “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

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