Is This the Life God Planned for You?

Are you living the life God planned for you? This morning, I told the Lord, “I’m not living the life that I desired, but I pray I am living the life you desire for me.” For most of my life, I lived according to my own dreams, desires, ambitions – and, unfortunately, my selfish fleshly desires. Though I have always loved to give to others, I have been predominantly focused on myself. My life has turned out entirely different than I expected.

I have lost most of what I wanted – close, intimate relationships with loved ones. And I have not achieved much of what I desired. But I have a sense deep within I am finally on the right path. Why? I am living for Jesus, I am studying the Word, and I want to live the life He has for me more than I want to satisfy myself with what I once dreamed for my life.

And something tells me I will have a far more satisfying life at the end of the day – because nothing can compare with my love for the Lord and His love and plans for my life. My greatest dream now is to love Him with all my heart and to love my neighbor as myself, while serving Him by helping a world in need – including people & homeless dogs also.

What plans have you had for your life? What plans does God have for your life? Are you living the life God intended for you? Or do you need to lay down your own dreams, kneel down at the feet of Jesus, and accept the life He has had for you all along. Why not try life His way? I can only imagine you will find what I have found – His dream for our lives so far exceeds our own ambitions that it will be worth making the decision to follow Him and learn to live life according to His plan and not our own.

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