A Joy Like None Other

I did not wake up this morning in the arms of a husband; I arose in the arms of my Lord, greater than any dream I ever had. I will not spend today with my family, for I no longer have one; I will spend today with my family the Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The best family in the universe. I will not go through today living my dreams; my human dreams are long gone.

I will go through the day living God’s dreams for my life – greater than any I could have imagined. I will not set my hope, my expectations, and my joy in the things of this world; I have lost too many to place my trust there.

I will place my trust in the Lord God almighty, and I will know a joy indescribable, a peace untouchable, a hope beyond hopes, a grace beyond measure, a love beyond description, a mercy supernatural, and a rock solid faith that I may have lost most of what I ever dreamed of – but what I have now is the very best of all. A relationship with the Lord that surpasses anything on this earth, and a promise of eternity in the same arms of my Lord that lifted me up from sleep into this new day.

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