The Wound Deep Inside Your Heart

Do you have a place so deep inside your heart that cobwebs keep it from the light? Does dust rest over what lies under in such a way that no light can reach it? Have you buried it so deep that nothing, not even God, can touch it? Have you blanketed it in shame, covered it in fear, shoved it under a smile that decorates your face when all along your hurt pinches and jabs and pokes at the door of your heart in desperation to let it out, let it out, let it out?

Is it time to throw open the door to Jesus, to let Him enter the depths of your soul, to give Him access to what you promised yourself you would never speak of? How many secrets do you hold within? Whether it be something you did to someone else, something someone else did to you, or whatever it is, are you weary from holding it within?

You have convinced yourself it is long over. It happened long ago. It is no more. You already “dealt with it”. The past is gone. Over. Done. No more. No longer. Not just gone. Long gone. You have “moved on”. But you know you are only fooling yourself. For when you close your eyes at night, when you snuggle under the covers in a tight ball, when you dream in the night, you remember. And you know. You are not healed in this one area. How could you be? No matter how many Band-aids you placed over your wound through the years, wounds don’t heal in the dark.

Bring it forth into the light. Jesus heals. 

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