A Joyful Noise


A Joyful Noise

“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” Psalm 98:4

I am going through a hard time. Again. The details don’t matter. We all have our stories. I have mine. You have yours. Everyone has theirs. Jesus didn’t promise us we would be happy all the time on earth. He said we will have tribulations, but we can find peace, hope, and everlasting life by repenting and following Him. We do have tribulations, don’t we? Which brings to mind this. This morning I was struggling some as I continue in my latest spiritual battle. Right in the middle of the struggle and all the yucky feelings I was feeling came these words. “Make a joyful noise.” What?! Are you kidding me? Where did these words come from? God of course. They are His words. From the Bible. I have been bathing in some of the Psalms in the past 24 hours, finding comfort in them – and direction. Not to mention a message. A message that goes perfectly in line with what God told me just days ago.

Why did God give me those words? “Make a joyful noise.” And why am I so drawn to some of the psalms right now? And what is the message? And what did God tell me just days ago? God is reminding me to praise Him. When? Right now! In the middle of the battle? Yes! When I’m feeling yucky? And struggling? Yes! I should praise Him when I’m not getting the relief I want? When my prayers are not being answered how I want? Yes! But aren’t we supposed to praise God for getting good stuff we want? Yes! But only then? No! When then? ALL THE TIME! Why? Because He is God! For who He is, what He has done, is doing, and will do! For sending Christ to the cross! For endless blessings most especially spiritual blessings, more than anything for Himself! Why these psalms? Because God is telling me to PRAISE HIM NOW! Is this all He has showed me in the past few days? No!

The message He gave me just days ago? His Spirit spoke to my heart He is not giving me the relief I want and allowing all this struggle right now because He wants me to LOVE HIM STEADFASTLY NO MATTER MY CIRCUMSTANCES. Which brings me to this. If we REALLY love God, then our love for Him is unconditional, right? Then our love should be demonstrated ALL THE TIME, in PRAISE and OBEDIENCE, right? In spending time with Him, seeking His face, pouring out our hearts, studying His Word, praying, spending time with Him, learning of Jesus, following Jesus, and WORSHIPING THE LORD as we bask in His holy presence, right? In making a “joyful noise” – yes, aloud! – as even in the thick of our struggles we magnify Him as the God we love and praise unconditionally because He is God!

   Oh, make a joyful noise!

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